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Welcome to our About Us page everyone!

What We're All About

GBA is all about one thing. We focus our entire efforts into the self-interests of each and every one of our valued clients.

Learn Something New Every Day

At GBA, we’re passionate about self-education. We want all of our members to soar and decimate their current long term goals so they have to set and achieve new ones. I’m just a guy who refuses to quit. I’ve started many businesses and have learned tough life lessons along the way. I am NOT an overnight success!

I’m currently studying my Master in Management, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship from Queens University in Kingston, ON.

I’m also into spending time with my family, working out, trying to eat healthy while still making it taste good, watching professional sports, attending live events, playing guitar, cooking Tiktok recipes, reading or listening to business mastermind books, and podcasts. 
But I love helping businesses and learning new skills so most of the things I discuss from my mental desktop are high level mastermind concepts, inbound local seo and Linkedin organic outreach advice, sales negotiation, or closing strategies.

I’m also a human rights advocate. I hold a BA in Human Rights from Carleton University. This is one of my passions.

Lately I’ve enjoyed meeting new people from around the world using auditory social media apps Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

Nick Ruest CEO/Founder - Global Business Advisors
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a person to learn what they think they already know."

At Global Business Advisors, we want professionals and business owners to acquire both digital and offline advantages that can skyrocket your career, SMB or enterprise.

At GBA we are thrilled to be in an environment where company thoughts, actions, and directives are based exclusively on the self interests of our loyal client community. What makes us different from other companies is that we’re helping you hedge your risk on your next online course purchase. We save you time from not having to research top experts in a number of areas with proven profitable business models. You save money from not buying the wrong kind of course that does not fit with your background, interests, experience and problem. If you’re someone trying to run a side hustle, make additional capital, or quit your job, there are several programs available that can provide you the blueprint then it’s all about execution. Perhaps you own an enterprise and you wished your employees would get along better and work together more. Maybe you know if they stayed on task they would skyrocket growth consistently for your company. We have programs that will help with that sort of thing too. Our company values are trust, respect, gratitude, integrity, diversity, innovation, excellence. The GBA mission is to help as many professionals acquire more skills to get promotions or better jobs, while supporting business owners with online marketing, corporate management, sales, and additional revenue source instructional programs. 

Learn From Industry Leaders

GBA is home to a variety of some of the world's top instructors in digital marketing, corporate management & sales skills development.

Learn at Your Own Pace

All UGBA Certifications and associated Online Digital University Programs are self-paced. Learn rapidly or in your spare time. It's all up to you in self-education.

Receive UGBA Certifications

You will receive a digital credential from Acclaim (Credly) which you can share on your social media profiles for employers and potential clients to review.